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How to improve your customers dining experience

Posted on June 3, 2019

What is the worst part of your customers dining experience? Paying the bill of course.  You can present the bill in such a way that is professional and a fitting end to your customers meal – taking away some of the negativity of paying a bill.   The Stirling Hotel, South Australia recently asked us to apply the same branding to their new leather menu, plus a matching bill presenter which is a great example of how a printing application can achieve outstanding results.  However, if your budget is limited, you can still achieve a polished look with a matching menu and bill presenter.

There are many ways to match and yet distinguish a product without necessarily going to the expense of embossing. For example you can add a badge to a cover or bill presenter, you can add silver black or brass corners to a cover, that way your staff can tell easily which is a menu and which is a wine list.  Printed aluminium badges are only  $5.54 each and available in Menu, Wine or Thank you, these can be easily added to any cover or bill presenter.   What a Stirling idea!