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Custom made menu covers and innovative thinking

Posted on January 20, 2019

Does innovation and custom made go hand in hand? We tend to think of innovation as something out of left field, but it can also apply to clever processes used to produce a really unique result.

Custom made can mean bespoke, tailor made, not usual or routine, whilst innovation is artful, clever, ingenious, inventive and also creative.  Innovation can be in the processes used to achieve a particular look.  This is the approach we used when assisting Chatkazz Indian Restaurant, Bella Vista with their new menu cover design.  The process started with the colours our customer had in mind, then material, followed by the manufacturing process and finally production.

It’s fine to be innovative, to create a sense of difference. However, when a customised product is in the hands of your customer, in this case a restaurant menu cover, it must also deliver in terms of quality. Customers respond to a tactile experience to determine quality and value.  They need to feel the durability, weight and texture of a menu cover which sets the scene with the expectation of good things to come.  Of course, great food, and excellent service then completes the positive dining experience.

The benefits of a quality product are realised when the appropriate material and construction add to the durability and life of the menu cover.  Quality doesn’t necessarily mean expensive but it does mean value because you deserve it –  as well as your customers.