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What will your customers think about your food if you have terrible menus?

Posted on December 5, 2010

Are Your Shabby Menus Scaring Your Customers Off?

What will your customers think about your dining room, your kitchen—and your food?

You’re out for a romantic dinner with your spouse and you’ve selected the perfect, softly-lit bistro that serves excellent food. You’ve just been seated—and the mood is completely broken, because the host hands you a pair of dirty, stained and sticky menus…and is that a burn hole on one of them? Presenting your customers with clean, new-looking menus seems like such a small detail, but what does it say about your restaurant? If you can’t be bothered to keep the menus clean, then what about the tables? The dishes? The food? Keeping plain paper or card stock menus clean is practically impossible—paper attracts every bit of dirt and grime. Make sure you have a set schedule of when you reprint and replace paper menus, preferably at least once a week. Or even better—before each shift. Alternatively, invest in good quality menu covers, and keep them clean. Assign “menu cleaning” as sidework to a server or a host every day. And make sure that every employee keeps an eye out for dirty, grubby menus—and pulls them out of rotation. Posted by Amanda in Advice