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Black Menu Covers

Black Menu Covers are always a favourite choice for restaurant owners.  There's something about the quiet sophistication Black brings to the table. Our new black 'leather feel' menu holders have a soft luxurious feel that are lovely to hold and they come in A4 or A5 size with a choice, with or without pockets or in a ring binder format without pockets.

Our Square Grange Menu Cover are made from a quality black weave material and come with 5 pockets.  The sturdy construction ensures durability, looking great for longer.  The Grange is particularly suited to fine dining and is a good choice for printing or embossing, as foil stamping show great definition, giving an outstanding result.

Sometimes you need to see and touch the real thing so we’ve made it easy to order a single cover as a sample with freight included.  If you love it and need to purchase more, we’ll refund the cost of your sample and apply any applicable volume discount.

Shop online or call us for expert advice 1300 361 600.