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Bistro Menu Covers

Experience high-quality, durable menu covers at unbeatable value.  Our Bistro range of restaurant menu covers are perfect for bistros, cafes, pubs, clubs, pizzerias, and family restaurants.

We understand there are 4 things it really must do. It must be functional, so that it's easy to change menu sheets on the fly. It must be able to last the distance in a busy, sometimes greasy environment and It also should also be great value for money - that's a given. And most importantly, it must showcase your product - your delicious food and service that is reflected each time a beautiful menu folder is placed in your customers' hands.

Tailor your choice from Chic Black or Rich Green. We offer an array of styles designed to accommodate menus of any size, with the versatility to adapt as your menu changes. Our Bistro collection includes 2-pocket formats in A5 and A4 sizes. Whilst single pockets, 3, 4, & 6 pocket versions are available in A4 for more extensive menus.  Built to last, these best-selling, hard-wearing menu covers come with free shipping, making them an ideal choice for restaurateurs seeking both style and practicality."

Sometimes you need to see and touch the real thing so we’ve made it easy to order a single cover as a sample with freight included. If you love it and need to purchase more, we’ll refund the cost of your sample and apply any applicable volume discount.

Shop online or call us for expert advice 1300 361 600.