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Grilling Planks

Grilling Planks combine wood and fire to add authentic cedar wood smoke flavour to your dishes.  Use on an open grill, hibachi grill or a conventional oven.  Choose from our convenient packs of 5 grilling planks, bulk catering packs or our Smokin' Grill Gift Pack or Deluxe Grill Gift Pack, a perfect gift for the barbecue enthusiast in your family. Shipped from NSW.

Follow these steps to easily create succulent wood fired dishes infused with the flavour of cedar wood

  1. Prepare your ingredients including marinated meat, fish or vegetables
  2. Soak your grilling plank of choice: Hors d'oeuvres, Entree, Slider/share, Fish or Main
  3. Place food on grilling plank 
  4. Position the plank on grill or until food is cooked and perfectly infused with the taste of cedar wood
  5. Serve on the plank or plate dish as desired