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How QR Menus can damage your business

How QR Menus can damage your business

While QR Menus, popular during the pandemic, have some benefits such as reducing contact between customers and staff, they also have drawbacks for restaurant businesses and at worst have caused customers to completely reject them.

Here are a few potential issues to consider if you are using QR Menus at your venue.

  1. Limited accessibility: Not everyone has access to a smartphone or a device capable of scanning QR codes, which could exclude some customers from accessing the menu. This can be especially problematic for older customers who may not be as familiar with technology.
  2. Technical difficulties: QR codes may not always scan properly, which may result in frustrated customers and delays in placing orders. Technical difficulties with the menu could also lead to a negative customer experience, which could impact the restaurant's reputation.
  3. Reduced upsell opportunities: With a physical menu, servers can point out specials or suggest add-ons, which can help increase the restaurant's revenue. With a QR menu, customers are less likely to engage with a server, which could result in missed upsell opportunities.
  4. Lack of branding: QR menus are typically generic and do not feature the restaurant's branding or design elements. This can result in a less engaging customer experience, which could impact the overall perception of the restaurant.
  5. Reduced customer experience: Often it's the personal touches that make a good dining experience exceptional and it's the first impressions that are the most important.  Handing a beautiful soft leather menu cover to your customers portrays a sense of luxury and immediately makes your guests feel special.  Using a QR Menu takes away the opportunity to greet your guests personally and cater to their individual needs. Custom made restaurant menu covers also help strengthen your brand.

Personalised custom made branded menu covers

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