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How to Fix a wobbly table

How to Fix a wobbly table

Without having to purchase new tables.

A wobbly table is an irritation to say the least. Instead of fixing the problem, most of us tend to slide whatever napkin you can find underneath the table. If you’ve let a wobbly table test the patience of your customers, or you’ve grown accustomed to constantly troubleshooting in between service, perhaps it’s time to fix the issue once and for all. Our cost efficient table stabilisers are the perfect solution that also save you from preventable accidents and spillages.


Stabilisers replace a table’s existing screw-in feet and equalise the table following a gentle press on the tabletop. The hydraulic technology encompasses features found in our self-stabilising table bases and each equalising foot adjusts to uneven surfaces. 

Benefits of Table Stabilisers for Restaurants
& Cafes

  • Quickly install Stabilisers without tools and stabilise tables with a gentle press on the table
  • Improve customer satisfaction whilst saving time and money
  • Increase sales using new areas
  • Protect your brand, Image, and reputation
  • Internal locks improve stability
  • Enables alignment of table tops
  • Highly durable - exceeds international standards (BS EN 581-1:2006 & BS EN 581-3:2017) for safety, stability, durability and strength
  • Installs in seconds. No tools required.
  • Saves you time, money and frustration while improving your customers’ experience
  • Suitable for indoors & outdoors

This product is an ideal match for operators wanting to stabilise and align their existing tables in a cost-effective manner. Equalisers replace a table’s existing screw-in feet and stabilise the table with a gentle press on the tabletop. Available in metric and imperial thread sizes to fit most common commercial table bases, our stabilisers are a convenient solution.


How to assemble a Table Stabiliser

Our table stabilisers are tested to international standards and come with a 2-year warranty and are easy to assemble. Watch our short video on how to install or visit our website for more information on our technology.



Do the Stabilisers work on Carpet?

The stabilisers encapsulate many of the hydraulic features that allow the table to be perfectly aligned on any surface, including carpet. Once installed, following a press on the tabletop, it will adjust to the surface and lock in place—stabilising the table. Problem solved! Using Stabilisers, operators can have their defective tables fixed in a matter of minutes.




Will the stabilisers fit on any table? 

The stabilisers come in a variety of sizes (metric and standard/UNC) to fit almost any table with screw-in feet. They're designed to protect against impact and corrosion, are fully sealed to block out dirt, food particles and other grime.

To ensure a fit please check your existing foot thread size and select the corresponding stabiliser thread size.


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